Disabled veterans grants available for water security systems

Disabled Veteran Grants for Water Security Systems

Grants are available for veterans with disability ratings from 0-100%. Disabled veteran grants for water security systems are available through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans don’t have to be without water during hurricanes, floods, freezes, power or water outages.

With every natural disaster; hurricanes, floods, freezes, wildfires, etc., we receive calls from people who are or have been without water. They don’t have potable water. They can’t flush toilets. There wasn’t time to fill sinks and tubs before the event. We discovered that many of them are veterans with disability ratings. These veterans can qualify for Department of VA grants that cover all or most of the costs of Constant Water whole-house emergency water systems.

Veteran Population Decreasing, but Disability Ratings Increasing.

Disabled Veteran Grants graph showing declining veteran population, but increasing level of disability ratings
Declining veteran population, but increasing level of disability ratings

Our veteran population is on the decline. So many of the brave souls that fought in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War are passing. To each and every one of them, we offer a formal and thankful salute for their service and sacrifice. But, while the veteran population, disability ratings for veterans leaving the services now are increasing. In some cases, illnesses not previously known or recognized are now being discovered and accepted. Though many of us knew veterans who may have been “shell shocked” following previous conflicts, the formal diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is relatively new. PTSD is real and has lasting and debilitating impacts.

Our military forces are better prepared and equipped for combat now, but weapons and tactics have changed. We regularly see how effective and devastating Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are, and with much of our combat activity in the Middle East having a large urban component, it’s disappointing, but not surprising, we also see more severe, lasting, and impactful injuries.

Department of VA Grants are Available for So Many Veterans

Disabled veteran grants graph showing Declining veteran population, but increasing level of disability ratings
70-100% disability ratings are increasing while all others are decreasing

As we received more and more calls from potential customers, we discovered many were veterans. We reached out to the Department of Veterans Affairs to explore qualifying our Constant Water systems for “adaptive home” grants, and we presented our Constant Water system capabilities. The VA response tremendous! They said “First, we will cover all of the expenses for your system for qualifying veterans. Second, we can’t believe we never considered emergency water in our grant programs.” This is great news for many veterans across the country. These grants (SAH, SHA, and TRA) provide up to funding up to $108,000 for home modifications, but only the most severely disabled veterans qualify for these grants. We wanted to find other available grants.

2021 “Big Freeze” Uncovered More VA Grants

In the winter of 2021, the south central U.S. experienced a historic cold weather event. Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi froze. We again began receiving calls from disabled veterans who had been without potable water for days/weeks and with no end in sight. But, while disabled veterans, they did not qualify for the Adapted Home grants.

We reached back out to the VA, and they were very supportive. The VA recommended grants available through the Home Improvement and Structural Adaptation (HISA) grant program. HISA grants are managed at each of the Department of VA hospitals (not a VA clinics). EVERY VETERAN with a disability rating (0-100%) is eligible for this grant, though qualification criteria apply. Through the HISA disabled veteran grants program, disabled veterans can qualify for up to $6,800 for home modifications that will improve their quality of life with their documented disability.

Veteran DO NOT have to own the home they live in to qualify for these grants.

We Can Help with Your HISA Grant Application

Emergency Water Supply
Be better prepared for every emergency event

We have been successful in helping veterans receive funding for our Constant Water systems through the HISA grant program. The HISA grant program is relatively streamlined in it’s approach, but does come with some paperwork. We can help. The VA provided us with the list of documents that are required when applying for a HISA grant.

We can provide you the:

  • VA Form 10-0103 Application
  • Constant Water system quote including shipping costs
  • Constant Water informational brochure

You’ll need to provide the:

  • Installation estimate from your preferred plumbing professional
  • Color photograph of the proposed installation location (can be taken with your smart phone)

Throughout the disabled veteran grants application process, let us talk with you and your preferred plumbing professional. We will answer any questions that might arise. The HISA grant process is not an overnight one, but we can help reduce some of the burden. We are honored to do so.

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