Supply Chain Challenges Hit Constant Water Too

Even “Made in America” is Hit With Supply Chain Chaos

New System 120 Merged nc - Supply Chain Challenges Hit Constant Water Too

We had hoped to dodge the shipping nightmare impacting most of American these days. But, we are now challenged to keep inventory in stock. A combination of demand for Constant Water systems, limited raw material for our products, and labor shortages at our manufacturer’s facility created a short-term limited availability of our 120-gallon systems and additional tanks.

Like everyone else, we are ordering much higher quantities much farther in advance than we have in the past. The good news is that our suppliers hear our plea and understand our need. They are working wonderfully with us.

We apologize to all you who simply want water security for yourself and your loved ones.

120-gallon Systems Coming Soon–Don’t Delay Your Order

Currently, we have existing inventory in stock of 40- and 80-gallon systems, but we are two weeks out from shipping our 120-gallon systems–our most in-demand system. For those interested in a 120-gallon system, we heartily recommend ordering now. We fill our orders in a “date received” order, so get “on the list”. We will ship quickly as soon as the systems arrive.

Thank You

We try to say “Thank You” often to our customers. We have been humbled by the tremendous requests from across the country, and now Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and even Greece, for our systems. Nothing is more important during a disaster than potable water, and there are more and more frequent “challenges” offered by Mother Nature that impact our private water supplies and public water systems. The climate is changing, and we have to be better prepared.

So, once again, we offer a heartfelt Thank You for trusting Constant Water for your water security!

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