VA HISA Grants for Emergency Water Systems

The grants are available through VA Hospitals in the US and in Puerto Rico


Thank you for your interest in Constant Water systems, and thank you for your service.

For brochure that provides more information on the Constant Water systems and a grant overview, click here: VA Grant Brochure

Grants for home improvements are available for veterans with disability ratings through the VA hospital in San Juan.  

Veterans with disability ratings between 0-100% are eligible for Home Improvement and Structural Alteration (HISA) grants.

These grants can provide up to $6800 for home improvements that are beneficial for the veterans disability.  Not every veteran will qualify for the $6800 limit, but smaller grants are available up to $2000.

You can see a brief overview of the grants available at

Also, here is a recent article we did about the grants.  At the bottom of the article you’ll see additional information about the HISA grant program that you may qualify for.

The process starts with a phone call the VA Hospital in San Juan.  You will need to register with the hospital, if you are not already registered.  The address and phone number are:

10 Casia Street
San Juan, PR 00921-3201
Phone: 787-641-7582

You will need to talk with the Prosthetics and Sensory Aids Office.  This does not mean you have to have a prosthetic device or a hearing aid to qualify.  This is just the office that manages the HISA grant.

Tell them you are interested in applying for a HISA grant.  The process will differ slightly from hospital to hospital.  You will eventually need:

  • VA Form 10-0103 Application
  • Constant Water system quote including shipping costs
  • Constant Water informational brochure
  • Installation estimate from your preferred plumbing professional
  • Color photograph of the proposed installation location (can be taken with your smart phone)

We can provide you the application, quote, and information brochure.  You’ll need to provide the plumbers estimate and picture.

Overall, here is how the process will work: You will contact the VA hospital in San Juan and tell them you are interested in applying for a HISA grant.  You will meet with your primary care provider who will evaluate your disability.  The primary care provider can write a prescription for an emergency water system.  The HISA office will tell you what paperwork and estimates you’ll need (See below).  You will contact a plumber on the island for an installation quote and will will provide the system and shipping quote.  If approved, the VA will provide you a check for 50% of the estimated cost.  You will order the system from us and have the plumber install the system.  After the system is installed (you’ll show the VA a picture), they will reimburse you the remaining costs.

If you choose to move forward with the grant process, let us know.  We will be glad to help.

Thank you again for your interest in Constant Water systems, and best regards,

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