Have a Generator? 8 Reasons to Add Constant Water

If you already have a generator, you likely know they can be finicky, inconvenient, noisy, and expensive to run.

Be Storm Ready
Have a generator? Add Constant Water.

But, did you know:

  1. If you are on a public water system, a generator will not provide water. Coastal communities frequently shut off the public water supply before a hurricane hits.
  2. If the well pump fails, a generator will not provide water.
  3. Constant Water eliminates the need to set up a generator until it’s really needed.  You don’t want to be fooling with your generator during the foul weather.  But, you still need water.
  4. You can run a smaller generator to supply power to other essentials without the larger electrical draw needed for a well pump.
  5. Generators can damage a well pump if the generator malfunctions or dirty fuel starts to slow down the generator.
  6. Having two ways to assure your family or customers of potable water is good planning.
  7. Whole house generators consume a great deal of fuel. If heating the house with the same fuel source, the fuel can run out quickly.
  8. Constant Water allows you to turn off the generator and still have water. You can save money, conserve fuel, reduce noise; and still have water to every sink, shower, tub and toilet.

Storms can hit suddenly and hard.  And, you never know how long you will be without water or power.  You can always be “Storm Ready” by having a Constant Water system in your home.

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