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Because water isn’t a luxury — It’s a necessity!!

Emergency Water Is Our Mission

CONSTANT WATER is on a mission to assure the availability of a precious resource — Emergency water.

Emergency water shouldn’t be difficult.  We know how important water is to you, your family and your customers.  And we know how many events can cause water loss:

  • Storms and Hurricanes
  • Floods
  • Fires
  • Earthquakes
  • Well pump failures
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Water main breaks

Storm, hurricanes, floods, fires and earthquakes make the news with regularity.  While your home may not be flooded, burned, or damaged by the hurricane, water and power outages occur well beyond the immediate impact area.

And homes and businesses on public systems come to assume water will always be there.  Until it’s not!

We have learned about the water challenges of parents with small children, families caring for elderly parents, high-rise apartment tenants, health care professionals and livestock owners, each concerned about water security.  Emergency water is critical to all of them.

We specifically engineered CONSTANT WATER Whole-House water systems for these events.  Unlike other systems, CONSTANT WATER is a pressurized system, so fresh, potable water flows throughout your home.  With both Automatic and Manual Modes, our systems assure you of an emergency water supply in every instance, and to every sink, shower, tub and toilet.  You won’t need to buy bottles of water which litter our landfills.  You won’t have to carry water with a bucket.  Carrying buckets is a health risk for many.

Drinking water is the absolute most important, but right behind is the importance of water for sanitation and hygiene.

If the choice is water or food, water is first!!

CONSTANT WATER—Reliable, easy-to-install, affordable water security.  See what our customers are saying!

Water is not a luxury — It’s a necessity!  And CONSTANT WATER is dedicated to ensuring you, your family, your employees, your customers, your tenants, your patients, and your pets and livestock, all have water when they need it.

Your water when you need it!

40-gallon Constant Water whole-house emergency water system

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