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Bottled Water Shortage and High Gulf Temps Raise Risks Bottled water availability may be lower as we enter the storm season.

The southern U.S. region is warmer earlier this year thanks to warmer than normal temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico.  Historically, recent past included, early warmer temperatures contributed to increased spring tornadoes and more severe hurricanes in the Gulf regions. ...
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Storm Preparation Should Start Now! Will the Gulf of Mexico Storm Impact You?

Are You Ready for the Coming Storms? Storm preparation is not something you should put off.  Mere days into the 2019 hurricane season, there is a disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico. Currently impacting the Mexico coast, this storm threatens…

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How We Can Help in Puerto Rico Available through the American Red Cross

We are working hard with non-profits and relief agencies to bring Constant Water systems to reconstruction efforts in Puerto Rico.  See below how our systems can provide both near-term relief and long-term preparation. If you haven’t heard of our systems…

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We Can Help Puerto Rico with Immediate Relief and Long-term Preparedness

We have been monitoring the devastation in PR and the surrounding islands and we want to help provide both immediate relief from existing conditions and long-term preparation for future hurricane events.

Constant Water (www.constantwater.com) systems were developed for homes and businesses on water wells that lose water when a power outage occurs. We also specifically developed capabilities into the system that allow it to be rapidly installed and operated in the exact conditions resulting from recent hurricanes in the U.S. and the PR territories. Contact us for more information.

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Constant Water’s Emergency Water Systems Qualify for IRS Tax Deduction Water security for more than 50 million “aging in place” seniors now even more affordable

Judson Walls, CEO of Virginia-based Constant Water, has announced that their emergency backup water system qualifies as a tax deductible medical home improvement. “We couldn’t be more excited”, said Walls. “With the growing trend of people staying in their homes…

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Be prepared.

Being without water can lead to unsanitary conditions that may be life threatening.