How It Works

Step-by-step overview

Installation overview

CONSTANT WATER is installed “in-line” so the tanks are always full, and water is always fresh.

  1. A 120 VAC receptacle maintains the control unit battery at maximum charge.
  2. Upon loss of power, the control unit automatically pressurizes the water in your tanks to 50 PSI. At 50 PSI, the compressor stops. When the tank pressure drops to 30 PSI (due to water being drawn), the compressor re-pressurizes the tank to 50 PSI.
  3. The control unit pressurizes the water in the tanks via a connecting air line.
  4. The system tank holds the fresh water and receives pressurization from the control unit.
  5. Pressurized water flows out of the tank and through the building plumbing lines when required by a faucet, shower, toilet, or other water drawing fixture or appliance.

This cycle continues until the water in the tanks is depleted, or until power/community water is restored. When power or community water is restored, the system deactivates, recharges the battery, and refills the system tanks with water.

If the water supply is depleted during a power outage, no action is necessary. The system will deflate automatically and refill the tank(s) with water when power is restored.

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