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Supporting those who sacrificed for us

Wounded Warriors are special people. They volunteered to serve our country. They paid dearly during that service. They now simply want to lead productive lives.  They don’t complain and don’t ask. But, we are going to help.

With the launch of our Water for Warriors program, there are two ways you can help ensure this special group never has to worry about water during an emergency.

For all of us, water is the single most important commodity. Our lives depend on it.  When storms or other natural disasters hit, we can all find ourselves without water. Our wounded warriors shouldn’t have to worry about water.
Are you a non-profit organization supporting Wounded Warriors and their families in the U.S?  We should talk about working together.

Reliable, Safe, Easy-to-Use, Automatic, Backup Water Storage System

Water is a necessity, not a luxury. Water should be there when you need it. However, our water supplies, whether they are private water wells, or community and public water systems, are fragile.

  • Storms can leave millions without power and water for days.
  • Wells and well pumps fail.
  • Coastal cities may turn off the public water before a hurricane.
  • Our public water infrastructure is old. Severe drought, flooding, and freezing temperatures can cause these aging systems to break.
  • High-rise buildings require supplemental electrical water pumps to push water to the higher floors.
  • Generator systems fail when needed most.
  • Whole-house generators are expensive. CONSTANT WATER complements inexpensive generators.