Are you ready?

Will you have water when…

  • the power goes out?
  • your well pump fails?
  • the water main breaks?
  • your generator fails or runs out of fuel?

Not just water for drinking–Water to help you stay clean.  Sanitation and hygiene need clean water too.

Because we know your life doesn’t stop when the water is out.


Specifically engineered to be THE most reliable, ecologically-friendly, whole-house backup water storage system for your home or business. Compliant to NSF/ANSI-61/372

CONSTANT WATER assures “Your water when you need it.”

WELL WATER – Whole-house backup for power outages and pump failure
PUBLIC WATER – Security for water main breaks and storm damage
AUTOMATIC ACTIVATION – With loss of power
CLOSED SYSTEM — Prevents external contamination
ALWAYS FRESH — No need to rotate stored water
NO GENERATOR REQUIRED – Battery powered AND a great add if you have a generator

Single-family home

Single-Family Residential

Secure your water from loss of power to the well, pump failure, and our aging public water infrastructure

Apartment image

Multi-Family Residential

Minimal space requirements and simple installations for multi-family dwellings or single property outbuildings

Skyscraper image

Commercial and Healthcare

Flexible and distributed deployment options to maintain potable water in your most critical areas

Whole-House Backup Water Storage and Delivery System
Reliable, Safe, Easy-to-Install, Automatic

Water is a necessity, not a luxury. Water should be there when you need it.

  • Storms can leave millions without power and water for days.
  • Wells and well pumps fail.
  • Coastal cities may turn off the public water before a hurricane.
  • Public water infrastructures are old. Severe drought, flooding, and freezing temperatures can damage these aging systems.
  • High-rise buildings require supplemental electrical water pumps to push water to the higher floors.
  • Generator systems fail when needed most.
  • Whole-house generators are expensive. CONSTANT WATER complements inexpensive generators.

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