Hurricanes threaten public and private water supplies

Atlantic Storms Are Forming. Are You Ready?

Storms are now showing up in the Atlantic.  While Elsa came and went with light impact, the peak of the hurricane season is only one month away. Threatening weather systems have now formed after two months of relative calm.  Have you considered a whole-house emergency water system for your emergency water needs?

We Simply Have to Prepare Better and Earlier

– Do you have emergency water on hand now?
– Do you have enough?
– Will you be able to get emergency water?
– Will you be able to carry buckets of water from your sink or tub?

During a disaster, water is the single most important commodity—Water is critical for consumption, sanitation, and hygiene. The changing climate, more frequent and severe storms, COVID, and even increasing ransomware attacks all tell us we should be better prepared and be more self-reliant against growing threats.

Last year, much of the Gulf coast was hit with multiple storms and some in rapid succession. For many, they hadn’t even recovered from the one storm before the next one hit. Are you prepared for multiples storms in rapid succession? You can be with Constant Water systems.

10 Reasons to Prepare for Storms with Constant Water Systems

We’ve sold Constant Water systems “from the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam.”  With customers all over the country—in cities, on farms, on beach fronts, in the woods, and on the mountains—here are 10 reasons why they purchased Constant Water.

  1. Provides a fresh, potable emergency water supply for ANY water out situation—We can cover it all.
  2. Provides pressurized water throughout the home—every sink, shower, tub, and toilet. (Go easy on the shower)
  3. Eliminates the need to buy and store bottled water. Don’t fight the crowds anymore.
  4. Eliminates filling of sinks and tubs during emergency prep, and flushing toilets with buckets. Typically you receive no notice of a coming outage.  You’ll still be prepared!
  5. Activates automatically with the loss of power and manually for well pump system failure or public water failure.  A short, quiet hum tells you “Yes!  I have water!”
  6. Provides backup water for low flow water wells. Use Constant Water during high-demand conditions while your well refills.
  7. Requires no generator—It’s battery powered.
  8. Reduces generator requirements and use if you already have a generator—Save your fuel.  You may need it for longer than you think.
  9. Automatically refills, recharges, and resets when power is restored—Constant Water is ready when you need it.
  10. Hurricanes, floods, fires, tornadoes—All can cause power outages, well failures, and loss of public water. Loss of water is always more widespread than the home damage.

BONUS REASON: Constant Water systems qualify for a Medical Home Improvement deduction (Consult your tax professional)

When Should You Prepare?

When should you begin preparing for storms?  As soon as you can.  You, your family, and your loved ones can be ready for the next storm and every storm after that.  You don’t have to fill sinks and tubs or buy bottled water.  You don’t have to carry buckets of water and risk slipping on wet floors as you try to flush the toilet.  You can have water to every faucet and toilet in your home without buckets or buying dozens of plastic water bottles.

See why so many trust Constant Water systems for their family’s water security.  Let us help you be ready for the next storm and every storm after that!

Whole-house backup water systems help you be ready for every storm.
Water Security for Every Water-Out Scenario

We’ve all seen how devastating Atlantic storms can be. Many locations are not only hit by high winds and rising tides, but also hit by flood water from high inland rains. When you need help the most, storm-related damage frequently hampers government response efforts.

Are you ready? Have you prepared? Are your loved-ones prepared? Constant Water can help you prepare now and remain prepared for every future storm. We specifically designed our whole-house emergency water systems for every water-out condition caused by every disaster scenario.

Weather forecasting is difficult.  Staying or leaving decisions are difficult.  Even “small” storms can leave you without water whether you are on the coast or well inland.  Being prepared for every scenario doesn’t have to be difficult.  And Constant Water can be your backup whether you are staying, leaving, or returning.

It’s a simple, reliable and effective system.  We have flexible financing, and inventory ready to ship.  Temporary setup can have you prepared in minutes.

Always ready. Always fresh. Always prepared.

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