Back to School and Hurricane Prep Weekend Special

In support of Virginia’s Combined Sales Tax Holiday, Constant Water systems are available to everyone TAX FREE AND with a $100 WALMART GIFT CARD through Monday, August 7, 2017 when purchased on-line.  The Virginia Combined Sales Tax Holiday is conducted during the first weekend in August and promotes the purchase of hurricane preparation items, back-t0-school clothing and school supplies, and Energy Star and WATERSENSE items.  We think these are important as well.  While we can’t help your children look better for their first day back at school, we can help you be prepared for storms and hurricanes that are inevitable.

For our Virginia customers, we’ll waive the state taxes and send you a $100 Walmart Gift Card with your on-line order.

For those outside of Virginia, your purchase would be tax free anyhow, but we will cover the first $50 of your shipping costs AND send a $100 Walmart Gift Card with your on-line order.

Spread the word widely.  Tell your friends, neighbors, and family members.

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