California Power Outage May Affect Your Water

PG&E to cut power
PG&E power cut may also cause water cut.

California power outages in both northern and southern areas are underway or expected soon. While reducing the risk of wind-spread wildfires, PG&E could leave upwards of 1,000,000 customers without power and without water.  High sustained and gusting wind speeds can drive wildfires widely and rapidly.

Many rely on power for water

Whole-house backup water system
Water Security for Every Water-Out Scenario

For many in these regions, no power also means no water. Customers on water wells rely on electrical power for their well pumps.

Customers on community water wells may find their entire community without water. Being without water during a wildfire threat puts these homes at risk.

This represents the third PG&E California power outage this year. But, even without the risk of wildfires, being without water poses other risks. The risk of dehydration is particularly high with our elderly population, and with so many of this group “aging in place”, loss of their primary water source poses a significant danger.

Wells and community systems are impacted

For homes and businesses on a private water well, a community water system, or an at-risk public water system, Constant Water systemS assure you of 40-120 gallons of fresh, potable water always being available. We can also add additional tanks that expand your water capacity beyond 120 gallons.

Constant Water, the leading whole-house emergency water system, was specifically engineered for just such situations. With the loss of power, Constant Water systems automatically activate to provide fresh, PRESSURIZED potable water throughout the house to every sink, toilet and water faucet.  You don’t have to run out to buy bottled water.  You already have 40-120 gallons!  Nice!!

Whether the California power outage is due to the risk of wildfires, or water loss due to an earthquake, flood, or damaging snow fall; you can rely on Constant Water as a source of fresh water throughout your home or business.  For you, for your family, and for your loved ones.

Don’t be without water when you need it most.  Talk with us about a Constant Water system for your home or business.  Financing is available.

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