CONSTANT WATER Endorsed by PipeTechs Plumbing and Technologies Owner and PHCC “Safety First” Contractor of the Year

Dale Nichols, Owner of PipeTechs Plumbing and Technologies, and a CONSTANT WATER dealer, was selected as the PHCC Plumbing Federated Insurance “Safety First” Contractor of the Year at Connect 2016 – the Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Contractors’ (PHCC) annual conference, in San Antonio TX. The annual Safety First Award recognizes a PHCC contractor who utilizes Federated’s resources to effectively implement sound risk management practices.

Pipetech Plumbing Endorses Constant Water Back Water System
Dale Nichols (center)–PHCC Federated Insurance  “Safety First” Contractor of the Year
Dale Nichols endorses Constant Water backup water system
Constant Water CEO Judd Walls and Dale Nichols at PHCC Connect 2016 Conference

As a CONSTANT WATER dealer, the Raleigh, NC-based PipeTechs Plumbing and Technologies is a strong advocate for the system to both his commercial and residential customers. “Our first use of the CONSTANT WATER backup water system was a commercial application at a large construction site that wouldn’t have public water for several months”, said Nichols. “A multi-tank CONSTANT WATER system allowed us to provide the site’s central office trailer with pressurized water throughout the office space, kitchen area and bathroom facilities.”

Continued Nichols, “CONSTANT WATER functioned so well in a challenging commercial environment that we offer it with complete confidence to our residential customers. This is an important product to both the plumbing industry whose many customers are on water wells, and the well drilling industry that drills the wells to begin with. When foul weather hits, CONSTANT WATER is a dependable source of emergency water throughout the home or business.”

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