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Constant Water–We’re Not The Department of Veterans Affairs

…, but we did stay in a Holiday Inn Express.

You know the commercials. They were funny and memorable. We feel like we are one of those commercials almost every day.

We Help Any Way We Can

Constant Water has become a sounding board for veterans with questions about Department of Veteran Affairs benefits programs. We’re thrilled to be a source of info, but we have to ask “why us?” We want to say “We’re not the Department of Veterans Affairs, but we did stay at a Holiday Inn Express,” but we don’t. We don’t know why veterans can’t get information or timely answers from the VA, but we are proud to help.

Working to Make Emergency Water Systems Available to Veterans

Emergency Water Supply
Helping veterans be better prepared for every emergency event

Constant Water manufacturers battery-powered, whole-house emergency water systems. They are very good systems that provide a source of potable emergency water throughout a home during ANY water-out event. We are very proud of our systems and honored to be a source of “water security” for so many across the U.S.

We coordinated with the Department of Veterans Affairs and found veterans can get our emergency water systems through grant programs offered by the VA. These grants provide funding up to $108,000 for home improvements allowing veterans to live in their homes easier and safer with their disabilities. Water is important—It’s even more important for disabled veterans.

A specific page on our web site (Constant Water VA Grant Programs) highlights the Department of Veterans Affairs grants and the availability of our systems to veterans through these grants. We want as many disabled veterans as possible to be safer during increasingly changing climate conditions. The weather seems to be getting more severe, more often.

We Get Many Calls Unrelated to Our Constant Water Systems

We get many calls every week about our systems and the available grants. And, we get many calls from veterans, unrelated to our product or the grants. Many of the questions should best be answered by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Often we don’t have the answers, but will use resources we have, or can find, to help. We may find the answer for them on the VA web site, or some other source on the internet.

There may simply be a phone number (and a name where possible) of who they might contact.

We might recommend they call the VA hospital and talk with a Patient Advocate.

Often, we find the number of the closest congressionally chartered Veteran Service Organization (VSO) like American GI Forum, Disabled Veterans of America, and Paralyzed Veterans of America, or their local American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars chapter for them. VSO’s are tremendous sources of information and help for veterans.

Even though it isn’t our job to answer these questions, we see it as our duty to help as much as we can. We do so whether or not the questions are related to Constant Water systems.

We’re Not the Department of Veterans Affairs, but We WILL Help

Life can be difficult for a disabled veteran. Veterans should receive rapid and accurate answers from the Department of Veterans Affairs. But, if we can help, we have. If a veteran can reach us faster, if we can provide an answer or recommend a course of action, we do. If we can simply be a virtual shoulder for tears or a willing ear for the occasional rant, we will. Every time.

After all, we are veterans, and we have stayed in a Holiday Inn Express.

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