Disabled veterans eligible for water security systems

Disabled Veteran Grants for Emergency Water Systems

Severely disabled veterans and elderly veterans have long been recognized as some of our most vulnerable and at-risk citizens. For them, water security is a daily concern. Recognizing the importance of water to the health of veterans, and the frequently recurring events that result in water loss for them, the VA’s Veterans Benefits Administration grant programs will now cover all of the costs for Constant Water whole-house emergency water systems for eligible veterans.

Department of VA Grants Available for Whole-House Emergency Water Systems

Whole-house backup water system
VA grant programs for severely disabled veterans now provide funding for Constant Water battery-powered, whole-house emergency water systems.

Now, the VA’s Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) is updating its “Handbook for Design,” the document providing guidelines and recommendations for veteran home adaptation grants, to reflect the need for battery-powered, whole-house, emergency water systems.  This update will provide a much-needed water security capability for many veterans.

The VA VBA oversees adaptive housing grant programs, such as Specially Adapted Housing (SAH), Special Housing Adaptation (SHA), and Temporary Residence Adaptation (TRA). These programs help disabled veterans and service members with certain service-connected disabilities buy or alter a home to meet their needs and live more independently.

Under these programs, elderly and severely disabled veterans are eligible for grants of up to $108K for home modifications.  These modifications help veterans accommodate for disabilities connected to their military service or for disabilities resulting from aging.

In 2019, the VBA funded more than 2,200 home adaptation projects totaling more that $132 million for disabled veterans.

Qualifying veterans can apply for grants to modify a home they own or rent (with modification approval from the homeowner).   Veterans can also modify a family member’s home with whom the veteran will be living for an extended period of time.

Constant Water Systems Provide Water Security

Constant Water battery-powered, whole-house emergency water systems assure our most vulnerable veterans will have emergency water during storms, hurricanes, power outages and/or failure of public/community water systems.

Our systems leverage a homes existing water supply to keep the emergency tanks full and the water fresh.  When activated during a crisis, the water is available throughout the home, eliminating the need to fill sinks and tubs, carry buckets of water, or buy bottled water.

For all of us, water is the most important commodity during a crisis. For disabled veterans, water security is critical. Many of our veterans live in regions of the country such as coastal communities along the gulf and east coasts that are vulnerable annually to damaging hurricanes.

Hurricane Season and COVID-19 Panic Buying Increase Risks

The annual storm and hurricane season is upon us.  This year the panic buying associated with the COVID-19 response put these veterans at even greater risk.  For many, basic mobility is a significant problem.  But, like so many of us, social distancing and isolation guidance made getting or even finding emergency water difficult to impossible.  The addition of battery-powered whole-house emergency water systems to the VA grant programs can eliminate a major cause of insecurity during their storm preparation.  Now they can always have emergency water available.

“COVID-19 emergency supply shortages and purchase limitations, including emergency water, highlighted the increased vulnerability of our disabled veterans,” said Judson Walls, CEO of Constant Water, LLC. “We are extremely excited about the inclusion of whole-house water systems to the VA’s adaptive housing programs and are proud to offer permanent water security to this especially valued group.”

More information about the VA adaptive housing grants and the application process is available at VA Housing Adaptation Grant Programs.

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