Driller Magazine Features Constant Water Emergency Water Supply

driller-clip-copyAt any given time, as Hurricane Matthew worked it way up the eastern coast, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia all experienced widespread power outages.  At the high point, approaching 1.5 million customers were without power.  All of these states are on the list of Top 10 states for the number of residential homes who receive their primary water supply from water wells.  For many in each state, it was almost a week before power was restored.  And, for millions of homes and businesses on water wells, this meant almost a week without running water.

A recent featured article in the Florida Ground Water Association magazine Drillers highlights Constant Water as the new system to the market that can provide water security to the millions of homeowners and business on water wells and unreliable public water systems.  While generators have been the only alternative solution, they can be costly to purchase, costly to operate, limited in their ability to solve the challenges of the water well user or for those on unreliable public water systems.  Additionally, improper generator use can result in injuries and death.  Constant Water provides the best alternative to, and is a great addition to, a generator solution when security of a readily-available emergency water supply is important to you and your family.  CLICK HERE to download and read the full article.

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