Earthquake Sparks Emergency Water Preparedness

Whole-House Emergency Water Backup for Earthquakes
Constant Water whole-house backup water systems are always full, always fresh and always ready.

Emergency water preparedness is increasing with the recent 6.8 earthquake in southern California.  It is the largest in almost 20 years, but only the latest in a growing frequency of tremors in the Golden State.  Disaster preparedness doesn’t have to be hard.  And with increasing earthquake risks, preparing is more important than ever.

Water Most Important

At the top of every emergency preparedness checklist is potable water.  In an emergency, electricity, heating, and air conditioning are only luxuries.

Water Loss Even Without Home Damage

Even if they don’t damage your home, earthquakes can damage electrical power and public water lines, leaving you without water for a long time.  Earthquakes come without warning.  How ready are you and your loved ones to be without potable emergency water?  Be ready for the next earthquake, and every one after that.

“Always Prepared”

Constant Water whole-house potable water backup systems ensure you’re always ready.  Easy, flexible installation, battery powered, and designed to ensure the water is always fresh.  Constant Water systems are potable water preparedness for the 21st century.

With a Constant Water system, you don’t have to fill sinks and tubs, buy bottled water, or flush toilets with buckets.  Our flow-through design assures the tank is always full and the emergency water is always fresh.  And, being battery-powered, our systems don’t require a generator.  If you have a generator, Constant Water allows you to conserve your generator fuel.

Tax Deductible

Constant Water systems also qualify for Medical Home Improvement tax deductions.  With “aging-in-place” becoming a growing trend, our systems provide potable emergency water security for those who want to stay in their homes for as long as possible.

See how Constant Water systems work at our “How It Works” page.

Whether on a water well or public water, you and your loved ones can suddenly be without potable water.  Let us help you prepare.

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