How We Can Help in Puerto Rico

We are working hard with non-profits and relief agencies to bring Constant Water systems to reconstruction efforts in Puerto Rico.  See below how our systems can provide both near-term relief and long-term preparation. If you haven’t heard of our systems please contact us directly.  We are a registered vendor to the American Red Cross. 

Hundreds of thousands in Puerto Rico haven’t seen water in their homes for months. Hundreds of millions spent on bottled water that hasn’t reached many rural communities and families. Solutions are slow in coming, and the next hurricane season is a mere four months away. We can help.

Constant Water’s “Rapid Installation Package” can provide immediate relief to those who haven’t seen water in their homes for months and prepare them for the coming hurricane threats at the same time.

Constant Water 120-Gallon Replenishable Reserve Water System

Developed as a reserve potable water system for homes and businesses on water wells and public water systems, Constant Water provides an assured supply of potable water, under pressure, throughout the home or business during water out scenarios—power outages, well pump failure, electrical component failure, water main breaks. Not only water for consumption, but for basic sanitation and hygiene—critical to reduce the spread of disease common during protracted disaster conditions.

In its basic form, a battery-powered control unit and a flow-through tank, a Constant Water system can meet the basic needs for a family for several days. The U.S. hurricanes in 2017 and recent nor’easters are perfect example scenarios. The system activates automatically with the loss of power providing water throughout the home or building. It also automatically resets, recharging the battery and refilling tanks, when the power returns. No preparation needed for the next outage.

For longer outage conditions, like those in Puerto Rico, minor components additions to the basic system; readily available fittings/hoses and a solar panel; along with bulk water delivery at a fraction of the cost of bottled water, allow Constant Water to:

  • provide immediate relief to those without water,
  • provide extended relief when replenished periodically using cost-effective bulk water delivery vehicles,
  • have an emergency water supply in place for the next hurricane event,
  • reduce the “immediate” first-response requirements during future events,
  • reduce acquisition and delivery costs and manpower requirements during future events,
  • and reduce the environmental waste generated by the use of plastic water bottles.

In 45 minutes with our “Rapid Installation” package, two people and a water truck can:

  • temporarily place and connect a 120 gallon system,
  • install a roof mounted solar panel to continually charge the system battery,
  • fill the tank using the bulk water vehicle,
  • and activate the system with the turn of a switch to provide water throughout the home.

Permanent installation takes about 2 hours per system, but can be scheduled as part of reconstruction, rebuilding, and repair efforts. Refilling of the tanks can be scheduled on a 7-10 day schedule and takes less tank 20 minutes per tank.  While 120 gallons may not sound like a lot of water, for those who have been without for months it will seem like a lake-full.

We are working hard to spread the word of Constant Water’s capabilities to relief agencies and those providing relief support.  If you have contacts with either of these groups, we would welcome your introduction.

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