Local Water Main Break Demonstrates the Need for Emergency Preparation

The oveempty_shelves-slidenight water main break in the Haymarket area of Prince William County, Va highlights the fragility of public water systems and is an example of water emergencies experienced every day by large and small communities all over the country.

Impacting some of the largest and newest subdivisions in Haymarket and surrounding communities, this should be a wake up call to everyone.

Along with the “Boil Water Notice” issued by Prince William County, local media reported local supermarket shelves were completely emptied of bottle water–a common sight in every emergency event.

While water emergencies in temperate weather conditions may be an inconvenience, being unprepared during more severe weather conditions or disaster events can be life threatening.   In these circumstances, lacking readily available emergency supplies can leave homes without water and force them out into the very conditions that caused the water emergency.

Public water systems provide tremendous volumes of water every day.  We take for granted they will always be available.  However, damage to or failure of public water systems also impact largest number of people because they are designed to serve densely populated areas.  Even if drinking water can be acquired, Hurricane Sandy showed the unsanitary conditions that can result when water is unavailable.  Potable water is a necessity for life, but being unable to flush a toilet becomes a health risk.

This Prince William County water main break is a local event, not a national event, but is representative of a national issue and risk.  Preparation remains the key and systems are available that can assure you of available water during emergency water events.  The burden of preparation will likely fall on the individual homeowner.

Are you prepared? Are your customers prepared.

Constant Water is an emergency backup water system specifically engineered to assure the availability of emergency water during emergencies and natural disasters.

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