As we sell more and more Constant Water systems, we were surprised to learn that many of our customers already had a generator.  Some were portable.  Some were large whole-house.

So we asked them why they were purchasing a Constant Water system as well.

Here is what they said:

  • Said one customer, “Generators are a cost that keeps on costing.” They discovered how much fuel a generator consumes. Propane generators can consume upwards of $200 per day in propane; Much more than your heating system does.
  • Many times they just want water. With a generator alone, they had to run the generator when all they really needed was water.
  • Generators will not help with a well pump/system failure. The pump is broken—no amount of electricity will make it run. They still need water.
  • Generators are noisy. They really grew weary of the noise and wanted to turn the generator off. But, they still wanted water.
  • They didn’t want to run the generator at night. They did want water.
  • Portable generators had to be pulled out and hooked up when needed. They could wait on electricity. They needed water.
  • They could do without power for a while—Power outages were typically not that long. They did not want to be without water.
  • They wanted to conserve generator fuel. They never know how long the power would be out and didn’t want to run out of generator fuel. Then, they would have no electricity AND no water. We heard this a lot from people winter and summer.
  • During milder weather, they didn’t need A/C or heating. They opened the doors and windows letting the sun and fresh air in. They did need water.
  • They had experienced generators that wouldn’t start. Dirty or stale fuel, ethanol film, or improper/lack of maintenance.  Or they ran out of fuel.  They wanted water.
  • They didn’t want to go out into the bad weather to start the generator.  They still needed water.
  • They were on public water systems. Generators don’t help when the public water supply fails.
  • They simply wanted redundancy. They didn’t want either solely on either system.

We’re not anti-generator—Many of our staff have them; along with a constant water system, of course. But, we found it interesting and insightful why so many of our customers were foregoing a generator, buying a smaller portable generator, or adding Constant Water systems to their home that already had a whole-house generator.

Now we know, and we thought you should too.