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Minimal space requirements

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Built for simplicity

Many of us take for granted that public water will always be available. But, did you know that many apartment and condominium complexes are dependent on supplemental electrical water pumps to provide water to upper floors, and are dependent on backup generators to drive these water pumps during a power outage? When these generators fail, residents are without water.

Also, coastal communities in preparation for a pending hurricane, may shut off the public water supply to minimize the risk of contamination or damage to the public water infrastructure from storm surges and flooding.

Built for reliable operation, and simple installation, a CONSTANT WATER system can be installed in individual apartments or condo units.

Commercial application of Constant Water

Additional tanks increase water availability for your home or complex

Strategic + assured

CONSTANT WATER assures the availability of water for you as well. Designed with a small footprint and minimal space requirements, a single CONSTANT WATER system can be easily installed in your apartment or condominium.

Alternatively, multi-unit CONSTANT WATER systems can be centrally located at strategic locations to meet the needs of all occupants. Large, complex, and expensive solutions can represent potential single points of failure. Deployment of multiple CONSTANT WATER results in a “system of systems” — each contributes a portion of its capabilities to the overall effort of maintaining water to your critical requirements. As such, you benefit from built-in protection and enhanced reliability of the overall approach.

Multi-tank configuration

Easy installation allows incremental expansion as your water requirements, or capital availability, grow

Contact us to discuss how CONSTANT WATER can assure water to your apartment or multi-family complex. We will work closely with your engineering and operations staff to determine the best installation of CONSTANT WATER systems to your building and your unique water requirements.

With CONSTANT WATER—Everyone can be ready.

Multi-family and commercial backup water

Even our largest tanks can fit through smaller doors or be installed in a closet.

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