Proactive Instead of Reactive–Time for a New Approach to Water Resilience in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico demonstrated that relying on post-disaster delivery of emergency water is not the most effective approach. Families are still without potable water.  Deadly waterborne illnesses and deaths are on the rise.  The rebuilt electrical infrastructure will not survive a Category 1 hurricane.  And multiple atmospheric depressions already forming in the Atlantic.

Billions of dollars of aid have been spent responding to the disaster and restoring Puerto Rico. But, as new threats form early this hurricane season, Puerto Rico is again at risk  and in a much weaker starting position to withstand coming hurricanes.

Our approach is to build water resilience into the home as part of disaster preparation and disaster recovery.  Leveraging existing water infrastructures, both public and private water sources, homes, businesses and healthcare facilities can be assured of having potable emergency water in place when the storms hit.  And this approach will dramatically reduce the acquisition costs and manpower burden of emergency water delivery.

We have been approached by non-profits to provide Constant Water systems as part of their rebuilding efforts in Puerto Rico; and fund raising efforts are underway to make this happen.

See how Constant Water can be used to provide immediate relief to those still without water and how simple it would be to prepare homes for future storms if the the reconstruction included proactive measures.

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