80-Gallon Tank Only


80-Gallon Constant Water Tank



Expand your new or existing system to provide additional capacity.  Sometimes homes lack the height requirements for larger tanks.  Sometimes our customers decide they need additional water security.  Adding an additional tank can increase the capacity of your new or existing system.  Ships with all fittings necessary to connect both tanks to the control unit.  Ships at no extra charge with additional battery if total capacity exceeds 120-gallons.


80-Gallon Tank only

Additional 80 gallons of drinking/cooking water
Additional 50 toilet flushes
Additional 40 minutes of shower/sink water

Some notes to consider:

  • Emergency experts recommend 1 gallon of drinking water per person per day
  • Very short showers or a “sink shower” will conserve water during an outage

*Prices plus Virginia tax (if applicable) and Shipping

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