Puerto Rico Water Security – We Want to Partner With Non-Profits

The recent Puerto Rico earthquake has again left millions of families in blackout conditions. Many homes were damaged by the earthquake. Many more will again be without water due to lack of power (wells/cisterns) and damaged public water systems — water for drinking, and for basic sanitation and hygiene.

Puerto Rico Water SecurityWe can help, and we would like to talk with non-profits about a partnering to bring lifesaving water security to homes on the island.

We Tried Following Hurricane Maria

Constant Water approached the previous governor following Hurricane Maria to discuss Puerto Rico water security, but couldn’t generate interest at the time. When talking with state-level leaders, most are uncomfortable addressing water security at the residential level—your home.

But, non-profits are familiar and comfortable working at and in the homes of their constituents. Non-profits are also eligible for funding that private or for-profit companies are not.

While we are not a non-profit, Constant Water is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). We developed a transportation and deployment plans following Hurricane Maria that enabled a rapid temporary installation.  These plans also included solar panels for extended operation, battery recharging, and refilling options.

Greatest Need by Those at Greatest Risk

For rural or low-income or elderly residents–those at greatest risk–bottled water before crisis often isn’t an option due to distance, cost, availability, or weight. Constant Water systems installed in or at the home ensure a supply of potable water is always there, always fresh and always ready.

We engineered Constant Water systems to be an “always-ready” source of fresh, potable water during an emergency or disaster event. We designed our systems to be in YOUR home, so YOU know there is emergency water available when the next hurricane or earthquake hits.

Hurricane Maria showed that relying on bottled water following a disaster event was often ineffective, inefficient, very costly.  Relying on bottle water also has a lifetime impact on the environment.  The recent earthquake reinforces the need for potable water reserves in place before the event.

We Can and Want to Help

We can help Puerto Rico be stronger, and we remain interested in doing so.

We would like to partner with non-profits to bring a reliable, cost effective, Puerto Rico water security solution. If you, or organizations you know, would like to explore what we can do together, please contact us at:


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