Storm Preparation for Possible Storm Barry

Storm Preparation Should Start Now!

Backup water system
40-120 Gallon Systems Provide Whole-House Emergency Water for Storm Preparation

Are You Ready for the Coming Storms?

Storm preparation is not something you should put off.  Mere days into the 2019 hurricane season, there is a disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico.

Currently impacting the Mexico coast, this storm threatens damaging rains on already soaked areas of the U.S. Gulf coast and central states.  The storm, “Barry” if named, has a number of modeled paths it could take.  Even if not widely hitting coastal areas, this storm will bring soaking rains as it joins existing weather patterns.

The Midwest and East Have Already Been Hit Hard

From Nebraska and Oklahoma to Ohio and Pennsylvania, many towns are experiencing current flooding.  Many are recovering from recent tornadoes.  None need repeat weather events.  Due to the increased frequency and severity of storms, families should begin storm prep early.

Storms can have widespread and protracted impact on local water even where home damage does not occur.  For instance, downed power lines impact both public and private water systems.  Additionally, flood waters can contaminate both public and private water supplies.  Therefore, don’t wait until the last minute for preparation.

Rural Communities Are At Greatest Risk

For rural communities, storm prep is more critical.  Downed trees and flood waters make it difficult for first responders.  Check on your elderly neighbors or those with disabilities.  Make sure they adequately prepare for storms.  Water is the single most important commodity during a major weather event, and we specifically engineered Constant Water systems to assure potable water for both public and private water users.

Constant Water systems make storm preparation easy for the next storm and every future storm.  Easy installation and even easier rapid temporary installation make Constant Water the leading emergency water systems in the U.S.  Whole-house emergency water available throughout your home–For you, your family, your loved ones, and for every nasty weather scenario and water-out event.

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