We Can Help Puerto Rico with Immediate Relief and Long-term Preparedness

Immediate relief and long-term preparednessWe have been monitoring the devastation in PR and the surrounding islands, and we want to help provide both immediate relief from existing conditions and long-term preparation for future hurricane events.

Constant Water (www.constantwater.com) systems were developed for homes and businesses on water wells that lose water when a power outage occurs.  But, we also specifically developed capabilities into the system that allow it to be rapidly installed and operated in the exact conditions resulting from recent hurricanes in the U.S. and the PR territories.

Normally installed prior to power or water outages, our system tanks are plumbed in-line to ensure a supply of fresh emergency water is always available.  The in-line plumbing approach also eliminates the stagnation associated with static, container-based storage methods.  A battery-powered control unit pressurizes the water in the tanks and allows water from the tank to flow throughout the home or business.  This approach not only assures a ready supply of potable water during any emergency, but also provides water to sinks and toilets, dramatically reducing the risk of illness from inadequate water for hygiene and sanitation.  Specific “How It Works” information is available on our web site.

For emergency conditions, such as those in PR and recently for so many in Texas and the southeastern U.S., our systems can be installed quickly and temporarily, then refilled periodically using a small portable generators powering the home’s existing well/cistern pump to refill the tanks.  Refilling even our largest tanks (120 gallons) would take less than 30 minutes.  Permanent installation can occur after the emergency conditions stabilize.

A small solar panel can be connected to the control unit to maintain the charge of the battery since the damage to the region’s power infrastructure was so severe.

We have systems in stock that can be prepared for shipment quickly, and our manufacturers are positioned to begin producing large quantities of systems, if needed.

Our information brochure highlights our system’s capabilities, but we would like to talk about providing immediate relief and long-term preparedness.  Please contact us.

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