We Don’t Do Toilet Paper! We Do Water!

Coronavirus Toilet Paper Shortaghe
Toilet paper shortage in response to spread Coronavirus

As people react to yet unknown implications of the coronavirus (COVID-19), news stories on the shortage of toilet paper are becoming common.

For the record, Constant Water cannot help prepare you for the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020. However, we ensure you can flush that precious paper down the toilet in every water-out situation.

We Should Be Concerned, But We Shouldn’t Panic

The coronavirus is on everyone’s minds. Some say excessively, but we really don’t know. Hopefully, the spread subsides and the risks are dramatically lower than some estimates suggest. If COVID-19 is seasonal, like the annual flu strains, it will diminish with the warming weather and life will begin to normalize.

Should the virus continue to spread and mutate doesn’t wane with warming temperatures–could we expect drastic measures and limitations imposed in other countries here in the U.S? Anything is possible. New York has already deployed the National Guard.

How will this impact your preparation for the coming storm seasons?

Hope is Not a Strategy

Spring storms are coming and the 2020 Hurricane season is around the corner. With them come power outages, floods, damaged water infrastructure, and water contamination. You may be without water for a short period of time or a long period of time.  You just never know.

If the coronavirus is not contained, obtaining emergency water could be a challenge. We’re already seeing toilet paper shortages. Spring storm and hurricane warnings will likely bring early and large demand for emergency water. Relying on the typical bottled water approach may be too little, too late, and will force interaction with those who may carry the virus. EEEWWWWW!!!

Don’t hope you’re ready—Be ready. We can help.

Constant Water—Always Full, Always Fresh, Always Ready.

Whole-house backup water system
Water security for every water-out scenario

We engineered Constant Water specifically for water security. Our emergency water systems leverage your existing plumbing.   This ensures you always have a supply of potable water available throughout your home or business during a water outage—Every sink, shower, tub and toilet.

No more fighting the masses for dwindling supplies of bottled water. The end to filling sinks and tubs with water, then carrying buckets of water. No more flushing toilets with heavy buckets.

Basic hygiene and sanitation is a fundamental to reducing the spread of any virus. Clean, potable water is essential. You can wash your hands and face and know the water is clean—even if the power goes out or the water main breaks. You can stay hydrated—Water is THE MOST IMPORTANT COMMODITY!

Constant Water isn’t an endless emergency water supply.  You should always conserve during a water-out event.  Our systems will eliminate running to the store HOPING water is available.

Environmentally Responsible Water Security

Constant Water is also the environmentally responsible approach. Millions of water bottles pollute our landfills and waterways every year. You can help reduce that pollution.

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