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They are as excited as we are about their whole-house backup water systems!!

Low-flow Water Well Customer

We’ve had a water problem for almost 30 yrs (slow returning well)… to the point where every holiday we ran out of water AT MEALTIME! Last December we discovered Constant Water online and can’t say enough about the amazing service, customer support and all-around kindness of Judson Walls. The system was the perfect answer to our problem and I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone and EVERYONE! THANK YOU Mr. Walls!  J and D Smith – Maryland

Golden Rule Builders–A Large Construction Office/Warehouse WITH Solar Panels!

As a result of the powerful wind storm we all experienced in the Mid-Atlantic last week, we lost power and were the recipients of a power spike when power was restored. GRB’s well pump controller was damaged, So, no power + no pump controller = No water! Sound familiar…?

Fortunately we had installed a Constant Water system that operates independently from our pump. It is battery powered and delivers fresh, pressurized water, up to 120 gallons worth, even when your power is out! We highly recommend that anyone with a water well take the time to check out Constant Water. The firm is based in Warrenton, VA but can ship their product to just about any location. Find them on Facebook or visit their website at www.constantwater.com

Highly recommended by Team Golden Rule Builders!

Our House and Horses Have Water!

Thank you for your wonderful water system. Our well regulator gave up the ghost today. Paul turned on your system and the horses and his house now have water. And your excellent plumber, Terry, is on his way over to replace our regulator. He dropped what he was doing to come.

We are grateful and impressed with your system! Feel free to use this testimonial!  B.C. – Virginia

Morning Power Outage

My wife was in the shower this morning when the lights started going on and off.  Eventually they stayed off.  She thought our daughter was playing with the lights.  No–our neighbor had decided to remove some storm damaged trees and dropped one across the power line taking the power out for the entire neighborhood.  Constant Water activated so quickly that my wife didn’t even know the power was out.

I’m an engineer by training and trade, and I’ve looked at the control unit in great detail.  This system is elegant in its design and simplicity.  Built to be reliable.  It does exactly what it says it will do!  Impressive!

Great System!!  Every home needs one!  R.B. – Virginia

Ready in Utah

In my research to guard against unreliable public water issues, I was only finding tanks that stored water, but didn’t recycle it to keep it fresh. They just didn’t meet my basic needs. Constant Water supplied all these needs and was easy to install.

– Needs no chemicals
– No more rotating my water supplies to keep them fresh
– Doesn’t allow outside air to come in contact with my fresh water
– Can add more tanks when I need them
– It’s pressurized, so I have water everywhere. I don’t have to fill buckets or tubs.

Since installing the Constant Water system, our public water supply has gone out twice with no warning.  Ours was the only house in the neighborhood that had water. NICE!

Loving my Constant Water system!  F. B. – Utah

Rural Customer

Constant Water is a great addition to my small generator. Our generator runs the fridge, freezer and electronics when we need them. But, I don’t want to have to drag out the generator in the middle of the nasty weather. No need to power up the generator if all I need is water during mild temps or short outages. We have frequent short-term power outages. Large trees and power lines—NOT a good combination.  J. J. – Virginia

Plumbing Contractor

We used Constant Water on a commercial construction site that wouldn’t have water for months. This allowed us to have water in our office trailer the whole time—Bathrooms, toilets, kitchen area, and water fountains. Constant Water is a rugged, reliable system. I’m offering it to my residential customers as well.  D. N. – North Carolina

Hurricane Victim

We lived in Biloxi, MS when the hurricane hit. The hurricane took out the public water system. Everyone in hurricane territory needs this.  J.R. – Mississippi

Unreliable Water in Africa

We have lot’s of modern construction in our capital, but our power and water supplies are unreliable. We can be without both for days. Constant Water will be a great system to put in our new construction—both high rises and single family homes. The simple design and installation addressed my concerns about reliability. It’s the right amount of technology for this issue.  Dr. A. Z. – Ethiopia

Well Pump Failed

I’m installing a Constant Water in my home. My well pump failed and I was without water the whole day. It would have been longer if the local plumbing supply didn’t open their warehouse on Sunday and let me get all the parts I need. I have a generator, but it won’t help a bit with this problem. I’m installing Constant Water for the convenience and cost savings. Nice system!  D.R. – Virginia

Home Healthcare Provider

More and more people are “aging in place”. They don’t to want leave the home they’ve been in for so long. We do a home assessment for every one of our clients before we send in our providers. Our patients HAVE to have water. We’re putting this on our list of recommended additions for all of our clients on water wells.  L.S. – Virginia

Generator Owner

I have a big generator—It cost a lot. They called it “whole house”, but it’s not. It powers parts of the house. And, no one told me how much it would cost to run—It’s shocking! And then there’s the maintenance. Do your research—Do the math. With my Constant Water system, I can turn off the generator. Nice!!  L. W. – Virginia

Portable Generator Owner

My wife isn’t going to start the generator. She’s going to call and say “The power’s out. Come home and start the generator.” This will give her the water she needs until I get home. If she can flush the toilets, she’s happy.  G. B. – Virginia

Well Driller

I call the first tank Thanksgiving and the second tank Christmas. Because these holidays are when my customers’ well pumps are going to fail—When they have a house full of family. This system will pay for itself when they don’t have to call me for an emergency fix on Christmas Day. S.S. – Virginia

Custom Home Builder

We’re offering this to every customer we have. And we’ve installed a system in our office building.  J.B. – Virginia

CA Homeowner

I’m not a prepper, but I want to be prepared. California has a lot of challenges (earthquakes, floods, landslides, etc.) I just want to know I have a backup water supply for the entire house.  M.E. – California


I kept asking my Plumber for backup water systems. He showed me a dozen expensive, cobbled-together “systems”. I found this searching on my own then, I found a new plumber. Now I have Constant Water in the house. I travel quite a bit. Now, I’m much more comfortable with my family at home when I’m on the road.  R. B. – Virginia


Constant Water is part of the “Hurricane Preparation Package” for my customers. Galveston Island gets hit hard.  G. J . – Texas

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Your Water When You Need It!

Whether single-family residential, multi-family residential, or commercial and healthcare, you’ll have water for your home or business — regardless of the cause.


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