Aid and International Development Forum Honors Constant Water

Constant Water was recently selected by the Aid and International Development Forum as one of the 2017 Innovative Solutions that Save Lives and Support Development. From more than 300 solutions nominated by aid agencies, NGOs, United Nations and the private sector companies across the world, Constant Water was chosen in the Water and Sanitation category for their system’s unique capability to support global water projects and as part of disaster prevention and relief efforts. Integration of the Constant Water system into water projects in lesser developed countries can allow the introduction of critical sanitation and hygiene practices much earlier by closing the “production to consumption gap”.

Specifically engineered as an automatic backup water system for homes and businesses on water wells and unreliable public water infrastructure, Constant Water’s “closed system” designed prevents the contact between clean water and external contaminants so commonly responsible for the spread of infectious disease in so many international water efforts.

Judson Walls, Constant Water’s founder said, “We couldn’t be happier or more humbled by this selection. We developed Constant Water as a simple, but rugged and reliable system for U.S. water well owners that suffer so regularly with water loss due to power outages.” But, as development continued, many identified to Walls much broader applications in urban settings where public water and power are unreliable, high rise construction where occupants are dependent on supplemental water pumps to provide water to upper floors, and home healthcare scenarios, and disaster preparedness applications in general.

Walls continued, “The tremendous opportunities for our company and the system are very exciting. We are looking forward to continued dialogue with government and NGO’s regarding Constant Water’s support to both their health and economic development activities.”

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