Show the dependence of elder on the help of others

Coronavirus Pandemic Concerns All of Us

Like everyone, the pandemic concerned us!

As the pandemic began, we were concerned both personally and professionally. Personally, we saw the shortages and limits placed on critical items like toilet paper, sanitizers, and bottled water. They impacted our families directly. Professionally, we were concerned that the health threats, imposed isolations, job losses, and reduced incomes would have a negative impact both on our potential customers and our bottom line.

We watched as stockpiles were purchased. We saw store shelves emptied of our national “go-to” emergency supplies of single-use bottled water. We saw restrictions placed on purchase quantities when they slowly restocked. We knew this would impact everyone, but particularly the elderly, the disabled, the rural, and those in areas at greatest risk of hurricanes and the accompanying floods.

Concerned People Found Us

Show the dependence of elder on the help of others
Our aging in place parents may be at risk when seeking emergency water supplies.

But as the pandemic progressed, we started receiving calls from people all across the country with genuine concerns: “This showed me we’re simply not ready?” “Are you open?“ Are you still shipping?” “Do you have systems available?”

“Yes, yes, and yes,” we replied.

These weren’t “preppers”, an unfair pejorative applied to many who simply want to be ready and self-reliant. These were people who now realized water is the most important commodity during a crisis and had seen bottled water shortages and restrictions.  The pandemic emphasized this, and they wanted to be permanently prepared.

They knew storms put their water supplies at risk. They knew hurricane season was looming and knew power outages could leave them without water for days. They saw preventative power outages during wildfires that left thousands without power and without water. They had felt the earth quake and were now worried.

The pandemic issued a harsh warning.

Different Groups with Common Pandemic Concerns

These were Americans of all stripes rightfully worrying about emergency for their families and their elderly parents.

These were veterans who experience hurricanes and storm driven water outages and who simply want to live safely and independently.

Disable veterans deserve water security during the coronavirus pandemic
Disabled veterans vulnerable to water outages

These were builders whose clients wanted Constant Water systems installed in their new homes.

These were home healthcare providers who recognize potable water is critical to their clients and necessary for their care staff to perform the tasks so important to their clients.

These were businesses on public water systems with critical water needs.

These were hospitals who needed a reliable and cost effective approach emergency water in critical areas and for patient care.

They suffered water insecurity. They knew they weren’t ready.

Reaching Potential Customers is Hard

Reaching potential customers is an ever-increasing challenge. Everybody, personally and professionally, is inundated with advertising, both print and electronic. It’s easy to end up in the physical or electronic trash. The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated this, but we persevere.

Emergency water is not sexy, it’s just critical; and we couldn’t be prouder that our focus is making families and business safer, more resilient, more self-reliant, and more prepared.

We’re proud we have programs in place helping disabled veterans through our Water for Warriors.

Multi-Tank Constant Water for larger requirements during the coronavirus pandemic
Builders are installing Constant Water systems in new and existing construction

We’re proud to have coordinated with the Department of Veterans Affairs who determined Constant Water systems are covered under a number of the VA’s Adapted Housing grants.

We’re proud partners with non-profits to help with their beneficiaries who, in many cases, are at the greatest risk of, and the most vulnerable to, water loss.

We’re proud partners with home healthcare providers making our systems available to their clients and their staff.

The Future is Unclear, But We’re Here to Help

What the future holds for the coronavirus pandemic is anyone’s guess. But it is the time of the year when the most frequent and severe storms hit. It’s when the driest conditions occur and wildfires can burn seemingly endlessly.

The pandemic adds a variable that concerns everyone.

We’re ready to help you, those you love, and those you help.

They called us. We are humbled. We thank them all!

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