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Emergency Preparation – 10 Reasons for Constant Water

More families are focusing on emergency preparation, and rightfully so. Weather conditions changing quickly and severely. More often, we are finding ourselves, or our loved ones, without water.

We’ve sold Constant Water systems “from the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam.”  Our customers in cities, on farms, on beach fronts, in the woods, and on the mountain. Every emergency event is different, and we asked our customers why they purchased our system. Here are 10 common reasons why Constant Water systems are part of their emergency preparation.

Drought conditions are spreading across the U.S. early
  1. Provides a fresh, potable emergency water supply for ANY water out situation.
    Whether your home is on a private water well or on a community/public water system, Constant Water systems can provide you with water when you need it most.
  2. Provides pressurized water throughout the home—every sink, shower, tub, and toilet. (Go easy on the shower)
    If water isn’t available for you WHERE YOU NEED IT, it is of less or no value during an emergency. Constant Water makes your emergency water available throughout your home.
  3. Eliminates the need to buy and store bottled water. Don’t fight the crowds anymore.
    We have all seen events that leave store shelves empty of items we critically need, like emergency water. Our “in-line” storage tanks are always full and always cycling the water, so you don’t have to fight the crowds for bottles of emergency water.
  4. Eliminates filling of sinks and tubs during emergency preparation, and flushing toilets with buckets. Typically you receive no notice of a coming outage.  You’ll still be prepared!
    Storms can hit hard and quickly. Even a storm well away from your home can leave you without water. With Constant Water, you do not have to worry about a warning. You are always prepared. You can put a permanent check mark beside “Water” in your emergency preparation checklist.
  5. Activates automatically with the loss of power and manually for well pump system failure or public water failure.  A short, quiet hum tells you “Yes!  I have water!”
    Particularly for those on water wells, loss of power can leave you suddenly without power. Constant Water systems activate quickly when the power goes out.
  6. Provides backup water for low-flow water wells. Use Constant Water during high-demand conditions while your well refills.
    Drought conditions are spreading more widely across the country. Many of our customers are seeing water levels in their well drop or the flow rate of their wells drop. They can operation on Constant Water systems during high demand times and let the tanks refill during the low demand periods.
  7. Requires no generator—It’s battery powered.
    Constant Water systems were specifically engineered to operate during power out conditions without a generator.
  8. Reduces generator requirements and use if you already have a generator—Save your fuel.  You may need it for longer than you think.
    Many of our customers have a generator, but still order a Constant Water system as part of their emergency preparation. Our system allows them to turn off the generator to conserve fuel or just for some quiet time.
  9. Automatically refills, recharges, and resets when power is restored—Constant Water is ready when you need it.
    When the power or the public water returns, your tanks refill automatically to make sure you are ready for the next storm or water-out event.
  10. Hurricanes, floods, fires, tornadoes—All can cause power outages, well failures, and loss of public water. Loss of water is always more widespread than the home damage.
    Make emergency water a focused area of your emergency preparation efforts.

BONUS REASON: Constant Water systems qualify for a Medical Home Improvement deduction. (Consult your tax professional)

So many good reasons.  Give us a call.  Let’s chat!

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