Without Water? Storm Damage in Wisconsin and Michigan Impacts Many

Storm Damage in Wisconsin and Michigan was severe.  Midwest storms hit quickly and hard.

Whole-house backup water system
Water Security for Every Water-Out Scenario

Warnings and preparation time aren’t always available.  You can’t always fill sinks and tubs or buy bottled water.  And you don’t know how many days the power will be out.

We know how many of you get your water from water wells. And we we know how long storm damage can leave you without water. We’ve been there.  Which is why we developed Constant Water—THE whole-house emergency fresh water supply for every water out event.

We have all carried buckets of water during a storm, but it gets harder and harder for our elderly parents–they can slip on spilled water or may hurt their backs.

Storm damage can impact both public water systems and private well systems.  Both can leave you without water long after the store shelves are cleared.

Don’t let storm damage leave you without water.  No more filling sinks and tubs, buying bottled water, or flushing toilets with buckets.  With fresh water available throughout your home, Constant Water is a better way to prepare for the next storm…and the next one, and the next one.

And see our Water for Warriors program.  Making your home safer against a storm damage helps make a disabled veteran home safer as well.

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