Hurricane Gonzalo

Tropical Storm Gonzalo Expected to Become Hurricane

Tropical Storm Gonzalo, the seventh named storm of 2020 and is expected to reach hurricane strength today.  Traveling west northwest through the tropical Atlantic region, Gonzalo will be the first Atlantic Hurricane of the year.

A Busy and Early 2020 Storm Season

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicted an above average hurricane season this year.  The 2020 hurricane season officially started on June 1. But this year, tropical storms started well before the official beginning of the season.  Tropical Storms Arthur, Bertha, and Cristobal all formed between mid and late May.  With eight days left in July, Tropical Storm Gonzalo is the third named storm this month.  While not an unusual storm, many must also deal with the affects and risks of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Will Coronavirus Impact Storm Preparedness?

Tropical Storm Gonzalo Preparation
Long lines at Home Depot due to COVID-19 will impact hurricane prep

Every year, millions of people who might be in a storm’s path will go through begin preparing days ahead of landfall.  However, the on-going impacts and threat from COVID-19 spread could make preparation for Tropical Storm Gonzalo harder and riskier.

As we continue to see, many stores limit the number of people allowed in at any given time.  Additionally, stores still limit quantities of certain goods to ensure as many people as possible can get some amount.

Emergency water, particularly bottled water, was scarce during the pandemic buying.  Stores will likely have limited availability and will likely limit purchase quantities during hurricane preparation as well.

Potable Water is Most Important During a Storm

While we hope a storm like Tropical Storm Gonzalo won’t hit us, or won’t do much damage if it does, preparing for the worst is always best.  We live with many nice-to-have comforts on a daily basis.  But, during a crisis, water is THE most important item to have.  Water is critical for consumption, but it’s also important for sanitation and hygiene.

During a hurricane event, water outages and contaminations are common.  Storm surges damage public water infrastructure and contaminate public water supplies. Entire communities can be without public water for days and weeks.

High winds and flooding also impact private water supplies–individual and community water wells.   Water wells require power and storm/hurricane winds can cause lasting and widespread power outages.  Flooding can also contaminate or damage private/community water supplies.

Even if you experience direct damage, the impact of major storms can be widespread and long-lasting.

Constant Water Provides Water Security for Every Storm

Disaster preparation during COVID-19
COVID-19 will make hurricane preparation more difficult.

Water security – It’s what we do!  Constant Water battery-powered, whole-house backup water systems are permanently installed units that provide emergency potable water for every crisis event–hurricanes, rain/wind storms, flooding, snow storms, wild fires, earthquakes.  Water is available at every sink, shower, tub and toilet.  While we encourage water conservation during a water outage, sometimes even a VERY SHORT shower is good for the soul.

Reliable, effective, easy to install, and environmentally responsible (eliminates the need for single-use plastic bottles), Constant Water systems make you “water ready” for the next storm and every storm after that.  Our systems can activate automatically with the loss of power or manually for the loss of public water – You’re in control.  When water and power return to normal, our systems refill, reset, and recharge so you’re ready for the next outage.

These are challenging times for all of us.   Tropical Storm Gonzalo preparation, and future storm preparation, could be both harder and riskier due to COVID-19 safety measures.  Now is always the best time to prepare.

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