We took a close look at our Constant Water customers.  We wanted to know about their experiences and their needs.  We wanted to know why they bought a Constant Water system.

They look like us.  They look like you. They look a lot like your customers as well.

Broadly, they have been without potable water and didn’t know when potable water was going to be available again.  They didn’t like that.

  • 100% have experienced water outages due to storms, hurricanes, snow, wind, flooding, etc.
  • 75% are on private water wells
  • 25% are on public/community water systems
  • 25% have a generator–whole house or portable (This was a big surprise to us!)
  • 30% are aging in place or caring for elderly parent(s)
  • 15% have animals (livestock/horses)
  • 10% have low flow wells or low pressure public water
  • 70% have children
  • 100% don’t want to fill sinks and tubs, buy bottled water or flush toilets with buckets

They love knowing potable water is always available for any water out scenario!

They love that their families are more secure during a potential crisis.

They love that they are always ready for the next storm–And the next one, and the next one….

We are always looking for ways to improve Constant Water, and the “Why” is an important piece.

Thank you to all our customers.  We are proud to provide you and your families water security.


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