Would Emergency Water Systems Help In Puerto Rico?

We Watched From Home–You were there!

We watched the devastation of Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria. We watched the response and recovery efforts that followed.

We watched so many left without water for so long.

We watched the rebuild of the electrical system. Apparently the rebuild didn’t make it stronger.

We saw the water bottles that were not delivered and then thrown away to litter the landfills.

But, we watched from afar. We weren’t there. You were.

In 2018, we sent letters and brochures about Constant Water to the Puerto Rico Governor’s office, the Commissioner’s office, and FEMA. We received no responses.

We registered with and reached out to the Red Cross. Also no response.

Everyone was busy. We understand.

But, we want your thoughts. We think Constant Water would benefit the citizens of Puerto Rico, but we don’t live there. You know what systems and backups would benefit you most during the next hurricane. We want to know what you think.

Constant Water Puerto Rico
Constant Water Configured to Support Puerto Rico

What is Constant Water?

Constant Water is a whole-house emergency backup water system that provides 40-120 gallons (we have three tank sizes) of fresh water throughout your home if you lose water for any reason—Every sink, shower, tub and toilet. The design keeps the water in the tank fresh and the tank full—Always there and ready when you need it. The design also prevents external contamination during operation. For every storm, big or small, that leaves you without water from your primary supply, Constant Water would be your fresh water backup.    See How It Works.

It won’t last forever, but we watched how long it was before many of you had water delivered after Maria. And we talked with local doctors that addressed the illnesses caused by lack of water immediately after the storm for basic drinking and hygiene.

Our systems are battery powered and the battery is always charging so the system is always ready. We can also add a solar panel to extend the duration of the battery or add more tanks.

Constant Water is not a perfect system—none will be. But, it is a simple, reliable and effective system that many in the U.S. have installed in their homes. We know that we can do little for homes that are destroyed. We wish we could prevent that.  We know we can’t. But for homes that aren’t destroyed, we think we can help make you safer after the storm.

Our Constant Water emergency water systems are in homes from coast to coast across the U.S. mainland for water out events—both public systems and water wells.  Would it help you in Puerto Rico?

We would like your thoughts.

  • Would this help in the future?
  • How could it be better?
  • Who should we contact?
  • What state or local officials, or civic leaders should we talk to?

We think we can help, but we want to know if YOU think this would help.

Please feel free to contact us via our Contact Us page, message us through Facebook, or send an email to support@constantwater.com. We want to hear from you.

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