Snow Storm Damage Power Outages

VA Power Outage Remains for Over 180,000

“Winter” Weather Pummels Much of the US Already

The Sunday/Monday snowfall in Virginia was not significant in its depth but had a significant impact on power outages in the state. Hundreds of thousands were without power following the storm and more than 100,000 remain without power on Wednesday—two days after the snowfall. Some reports estimate outages could remain for days, and another snow event is forecasted for Thursday.

For Many, No Power = No Lights, No Heat and No Water

We are all familiar with the most common impacts of power outages—lights don’t work, heating or air conditioning doesn’t work, televisions and wireless networks/internet are inoperative. For others, it’s much more than that.

In over 60% of the counties in Virginia, the majority of households rely on private water supply systems—water wells. In 52 of the 95 Virginia counties, the number of

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households using private wells is increasing faster than the number of households connecting to public water supply systems. For these homes, power outages mean water outages. They have no water to drink, cook, wash hands, or flush toilets. Most living in urban areas haven’t experienced a significant water outage. For those in rural areas, and a growing population in the suburbs, it’s not just a problem, it’s a health risk.

Water is Most Important Commodity

Water is critical commodity. It is more important than food to survive. It’s also critical for sanitation and hygiene. For many, power outages mean no water to drink, not water for cooking food or washing hands, and no water with which to flush toilets. With on-going COVID concerns, coupled with the seasonal threat of the flu, sanitation and hygiene is critical to maintaining a strong immune system. Unflushed toilets present an unhealthy environment.

For our loved elderly population, a growing group, the risks are even greater.

Rapidly Changing Weather is Always More Severe

Weather patterns are changing. It’s warm when it should be cold, wet when it should be dry. More importantly, climatological changes from warm to cold or wet to dry are happening suddenly, and this is always a recipe for severe weather that produces devastating damage with little notice.

Last year’s “big southern freeze” was a sudden and unexpected event. This years recent tornado event through several of the east central states also occurred with little notice. The recent snow event in Virginia also came quickly and more severely than anticipated.

Each of the big events brought widespread power outages—days and weeks for many.

Emergency Water Supply
Be better prepared for every emergency event

We Can Help With Water During Power Outages or Water Main Failures

Constant Water systems are battery-powered, whole-house emergency water systems specifically engineered to provide potable water throughout your home or small business during a power outage. With 40-, 80-, and 120-gallon systems available, we ensure you have the critical water supply you need to drink, cook, wash hands and flush toilets. Water is provided to every sink, shower, tub and toilet in your home.

Need more than 120-gallons of water? Constant Water systems can be expanded easily with additional tanks that will provide additional potable water capacity if your water needs or desires are greater.

Our systems qualify for Medical Home Improvement tax deductions for those that can deduct medical expenses on their taxes.

Are you a veteran with a disability rating? Grants are available through the Department of Veterans Affairs. (see info here)

You don’t have to be without water when Mother Nature shows her force. For any weather event that can lead to water outages or power outages, Constant Water systems can provide potable water throughout the home for you, your family, and your loved ones.

Preparation is Key

The weather is changing, and we simply must be better prepared. We simply must be more self-reliant. This doesn’t mean we have to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse. We simply must have the most basic needs covered during the growing number of severe weather events.

Obviously, we think water is important. We can help with water. Call us.

Constant Water battery-powered systems do not need a generator. But, many of our customers have generators—both portable and whole-house (see why here). Consider a small portable generator. These can provide adequate power for some lighting and small space heaters to keep you more comfortable. If you purchase even a small portable generator, YOU MUST read all the safety guidance before operating it. Too many people are injured or die every year because they don’t familiarize themselves the the equipment or don’t operate it properly.

If you are traveling in your car during foul weather, pack some simple emergency supplies in a box and keep the box in you car/cars during the winter months. This article covers many items you might need, but the entire list could fill your trunk. Where you are traveling will dictate which items are most important, but the certainly the basic—food, water, blankets, first aid, hats, coats and gloves—should be at the top of your list.

It may not be snowing, but big snows are coming. It may not be raining, but big rains are coming. Don’t wait until the storm hits to properly prepare.

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